H&H Farm Norton, Ohio

Price List

Farm-fresh brown eggs                         $3/dozen

Self-service. Check the cooler in the pavilion for eggs daily.

PLEASE CALL FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION ON WAITING LIST FOR 1/4s, 1/2s, of beef or pork (330) 334-1325 

Pasture-raised broiler chickens 
5 lbs. avg. Whole or cut up.  These are available any day.  No need to pre-order.   

Pasture-raised turkey   - Thanksgiving season ONLY
     Turkey - Broad Breasted (fresh)                      call for prices
       Turkey - Heritage Breed (fresh)                       call for prices

$20 deposit by cash or check - tell us your quantity & preferred weight(s).

Pasture-raised pork
       Call for information on pre-ordering halves or wholes, cut to your specifications. Advance notice is necessary.  Customer pays processing fees.

Call for information on pre-ordering
quarters, halves or wholes, cut to your specifications.  Customer pays processing fees.

Baby pigs under a heat lamp.

Laying hens.

 Our Limousin bull.
Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig
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