H&H Farm Norton, Ohio

We run a small, family-run farm in Norton, Ohio (outside of Akron) where we raise heritage breed turkey, chicken, pork / pigs and Limousin cattle on pasture.

farm fresh eggs for sale Farm-fresh brown eggs 
We have fresh brown eggs daily!
Stop by any time. Self service.
farm fresh chicken for saleBuy Pasture-Raised Broiler Chickens Contact us to place your order >

pig pork Pork for sale - We breed and raise our own pigs on pasture. For pork, halves or wholes available. You pay processing and have it butchered to your specifications.  Please call ahead.

hay and straw for saleFOR SALE:  Hay & Straw by the bale - you pick-up or we deliver.  Call (330) 334-1325
What's in season?

    - pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys
    - Farm fresh brown eggs
    - Pork - call to order a half or whole pig
    - Beef - call to order quarters, halves or wholes

Customer pays processing fees. 

Why buy pasture-raised poultry?:
  • our birds are raised the old fashioned way!
  • fed fresh, green pasture and grains
  • humanely raised because we believe in locally grown and sold, farm fresh foods as a great alternative to factory farms

Pastured poultry is healthier for you!

  • 21% less fat
  • 30% less saturated fat
  • 28% fewer calories
  • 50% more vitamin A
Local Food and Local Farms 
Thanksgiving Turkeys
Call today to reserve your bird for Thanksgiving. Quantities are limited and we typically do sell out before the holiday.

A deposit will be required to make your reservation.  

How we raise our Heritage breed turkeys & chickens: 
Our turkeys are fed no hormones or antibiotics. They are raised in a "turkey tractor", an enclosed area on wheels with netting, from four weeks old on. They are raised this way because of predators for their own safety. We move them twice a day. They have plenty of grass, insects, water and fresh air.

Buy American! Buy Local!  Thanks to The Barn Artist for some beautiful work on our barn Summer 2011.

Buckeye hen (left) and Plymouth Barred Rock (right).

Limousin calf.
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